Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Your probably wonder what that title stands for right?
Lol.. well, it's short for what did you wear today
Guess i just really liked my outfit lol
The lipgloss caught the flash of the
camera lol they just

Scarf: UATW(11.25)
tank: Target (7.99 lol)

Pants: Forever 21 (19.80)

Shoes: Urban(28.00)

Jewelery(man i dont remember lol)

Now, on my ventures today, I came across some

great items.. u know some stuff

every chick has in their closet.. guess how much i spent lol

(20.13 YAY)

Bargin right Sandra and Nae lol

I was proud of myself lol


aLwAySz said...

Cool Outfit indeed, i really like the Ankh.

Nothing Beats a Bargain!

ron.marcelo said...

lol good!
bargaining for dudes is difficult.
unless u get a plain hanes tee.
old navy jeans.
and flip flops.
then yeah thats bargain lmao.

Mika said...

lol ron ur funny, and thank u much sir and i know it cant be that hard, i just bought a mens run dmc tee from target in an xl for 12.99 lol

Sandra G. said...

Bargin indeed. I love you inexpensive outfit =).
btw... I think I bought some jean shorts from the same place for the same price! LOL

Nae Nae said...


Mika said...

lol thanks sandra and nae, i love u guys lol

Sandra G. said...

Love u too :)

Nadia said...

you're funny man. we couldn't just take ur word for it.. you had to take a pic of the receipt.. i FEEL your excitement now LOL i love u man..
looks like u hav on suspenders in that pic.
and the scarf for only like 11?? man.. u get on my nervs

Mika said...

lol nadia.. they are the highwaisted linen pants i got at the beginning of the summer, and the scarf was originally 15 (discount) lol i get discounts at caorls daughter too lol YAY


i love your outfit!
its fresh.
great bargaining on your part too lol.

Mika said...

aaw thanks bryant

D. Omen said...


Mika said...

what are u hming?