Monday, September 1, 2008

Perfect Style

So Ive been getting a lot of compliments on my style lately.

Like ppl are able to read the type of person I am

just by the way i dress.

So I guess i have mastered my own personal style...

which brings me to a quote that i read:

"When you are an accurate outer reflection of who you say you are inside,
that is your perfect style."

~Michaela Angela Davis {I dig her}

That really clicked with me and I feel as though

I am an accurate outer refletion of

who I say I am on the inside.

Today I was on my way to congress Heights

Metro Station to meet some friends

so we could go to this lil jazz

spot on U Street.

As I got off the train and started walkin towards the exit

and up the escalator two guys randomly started talkin

to me lol.. one of which was trying to get my number

I declined lol...

The other asked if i was from around the area,

I said no.. He said "u dont look like u from around here"

Then said U like real soulful music dont you,

you listen to a lot of different music,"

I said yea, and he said I can tell...

Wow, and all of that based on the way I dress.

Interesting right.

are you an accurate outer representation of who u say u are on the inside??

Maybe i shoud try my hand at being a stylist lol

That would be kinda fun.


ron.marcelo said...


Mika said...

thank you ron {SMILE}

Tanae Gamble said...

your style IS poretty different..
in a good way. change is good.

Mika said...

thanks nae, change for the better