Saturday, September 27, 2008

Set Free

So I feel relieved, set free like a caged bird..

Recentley stopped talkin to a guy I had a very long

on and off relationship with.

Remember that last post where i said i was gonna let go and let

God, thats what I did, Now i feel GREAT.

I thought we could make it work, but it just wasnt happening.

Love him I do, compatible we are not.


Advice: Dont try to force things, let them happen naturally.. PRAY


ron.marcelo said...

i need to pray more.
cuz honestly. i rarely do. lol

Mika said...

yup trust me ron, prayer helps


I agree dont hold on to something thats not gonna work. Its stressful and can mentally wear you down. You're doing the right thing...just leave it in GOD's hands and you will be fine.

p.s. I need to pray more too lol.

Mika said...

well u betta get to prayin then lol

Nadia said...

aight yoda.
"Love him I do, compatible we are not. CONTENT I am."

lol but forreal tho i'm glad that ur at peace w/ this. but reallly tho i wouldn't expect u to be any other way. you're the type that lives as you desire and feel and understand, and if all that is done, then u dont have anything to worry about. you just kinda let past episodes in your life float in the air. they make who you are, but they dont bog u down. keep bein who u are hunni. it's healthy.