Monday, September 15, 2008

Where Did the TIme Go??

Have you ever just sat back and thought about
how you used to spend your time when you were younger.
You know, when you didnt have a cell phone, only the house phone?
Or when you didnt have a laptop, just a desk top computer
only your parents knew the password to?
You were a little more productive weren't you lol...
You actually went outside and knocked on your friends door so yall
could chill outside and walk to the carryout or whateva.
What happened to those days? We have gotten lazy,
and technology dependent, and it's sad.
And you know when your younger you can save money so much better...
Man I miss those days, I'm about to ban myself from the computer for like a couple
hours a day cuz there is always something better, or more productive I could be doing,
but now I'm lazy lol..
Oh and everyone should read more books..
Just Some Thoughts


ron.marcelo said...

sorry i need the computer lol.
but i do miss riding bikes and going down hills and walking to the corner market to get some candy or 2 for 1 dollar honey buns and those 50 cent juices (back when they were 50 cents lol)

Nae Nae said...

"technology dependent"... this is so true.

Mika said...

lol yea we all need the computer now a days, but i kinda miss the simple life of being a kid. Now we all think, " man what ima do without my phone, or with out my computer," or with out this or that.
Technology has improved liviving, but has also made us lazy and as i stated before, dependant

Nadia said...

yup that's crazy. we were just talking about this in our thematic writing and speaking class the other day. i agree totally. I feel like many of us should take a lil break from technology.. even if it's just 30 minutes less that what we usually do. i think they'd be amazed at what more productive things they can do with their time. life is not to be spent in front of a glowing screen.. TVS INCLUDED. do you know how many children would rather watch nickelodeon or play video games than go outside and play on the monkey bars?? it's AMAZING how much it has changed in just these few years. imagine how it'll be in a few more.. idk.. but i know that with the SO MANY PROS.. there are some cons. it also stems into the obesity problem that america has. now, in addition to being a couch potato, ppl can be desk potatoes too. (lol) man.. im rappin like shit but i like this topic.. have you heard of the company that has treadmill desks?? they have treadmills attached to the desks (they go pretty slow so you can concentrate on your work w/o getting out of breath). they even have them in their board rooms for meeting. and ACTUALLY.. the employees have lost weight just by coming to work and doing their job! amazing, huh? but EXPENSIVE.. like i said. pros and cons with any type of technology. ok. i could talk some more but nah.. i feel like i've said enough.

... so many people don't even know their neighbors any more. i'm goin to live in a village in africa. lls.. forreal tho.

Mika said...

lol nadi u def just rapped son.. but i feel u, I think i wanna live in bermuda though lol