Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What is the definition of FRESH??

So I was on my way to the bus stop

and got stoped by these two guys, (I guess they rap or somethin)

cuz they gave me some flyers. Then I happened to mention

I worked at the UpAgainst the wall in Wheaton,

and all of a sudden they like, "Oh we might

have to holla @ you, we need to get fresh"

We need to get fresh??

So im thinkin they think they gonna be fresh

cuz they just spent a lot of money of their clothes...

that aint fresh. Its all in how you

put an outfit together,

and it doesnt even have to cost a lot of money...

"Personal style, either you have it or u dont"

The amount of money you spend on

clothing is irrelevant.

Its how you put it together that makes you

"FRESH, FLY" or any other

words you can think of

that describes your thoughts on what a person is wearing

or how they are wearing it.

I was trying to get some pics of freshness... but it wouldnt let me lol...

check these cats http://lookbook.nu/

(just some regular everyday kids who just so happen to be fly in my opinion)
Oh and btw Karl Lagerfeld is fresh..


Sandra G. said...

I love those photos on LookBook!
That is def. fresh & I completely agree with you about people thinking expensive things are freah... Coogie for example... You can spend $150 on a shirt and that still is NOT fresh... It out of season, better yet its out of style! LOL.. Im going to Start putting you in my fashion post labels :)

Nae Nae said...

As a former employee of Up Against the Wall, let me start by saying that shopping there doesn't make you "fresh". it's what you buy from there [and any other place]. The only tight shit they have is their jeans. period.

anywho. Sandra & I are the queens of bargin so i def agree with yaw as far as spending a large amount of cash on a shirt. lol so unnecessary. i believe that "fresh" is simply defined as clean cut and well put together.

ron.marcelo said...

lol i agree.
i try to bargain shop but its hard.
cuz i cant find nothing nice.
i think its harder in mens.

Mika said...

YAY thans sandra lol arent those pics freakin awsome OMG... and yes nae, ppl thinkin they gonna gain instant "freshness" cuz they just spent bread at UATW lol and yall the queens of bargining add me in too lol just bought some ish from target lol.. Ron if you have great personal style, AND YOU DO then u can shop anywhere and it will be "Fresh" cuz u know how to put it together

ron.marcelo said...

sometimes i think this to myself.
[when i'm not fresh, its ok.]
[cuz i know HOW to get "fresh"]
[so i can give myself a "break" right? lol]

Sandra G. said...

Yes Queens of Bargin Shopping indeed... We have major secrets.. LOl. and Ron we can help out son =)
We should all just go bargin shopping one day and see who can spend the LEAST...lol

Mika said...

HAH sandra great idea man.. of course u can give urself a break ron... sweatpants t shirt still fresh lol

Nae Nae said...



man i totally agree ppl think they fresh cuz of where they shop and how much they spend. When in actuality that aint fresh at all cuz the outfit is whack!(just expensive). I also agree "freshness" is all about "personal style". Like you said you either have it or you dont.

:( Sorry lame dudes and females lmao.

De-U.c.e. Double said...

Fresh = new + different + creative + clean + stylish + retro...the definition of Mr. 40. Watt himself De-U.c.e. Double...lol!!!


Mika said...

lol i would say lets do it this weekend but im working (sad face) lol... duece put some pics up and we will be the judge lol...