Thursday, September 4, 2008


I feel confused...

about relationships

IDK what to do, or whats goin on anymore

I hate feelin like that.. ima just let go and let God..

Yeah thats what ima do.

NOW... On another note,

Andre freakin 3 Stacks is the effin man lyrical genius

I LOVE HIM, like I love Erykah.. well hmm.. IDK lol

(IDK~Mr. Rob Dillow's favorite thing to say.. he doesnt know a lot of things hahaha)

Well anyways i know yall heard that song "GREENLIGHT" right...

here is Andre's verse lol GREATNESS.. well i think so

So I went hard like Madusa starin at me

I told her lets go, lets blow this lame nigga factory

She said what kinda girl do u think that I are,

the kind u meet in a bar.

U think u can get whatever u want cuz u some kind of star.

No ima comet, I just want u woman

HEY.. if i were u it would be me that i go home wit 3.

the one and only one thing u aint considerd

I heard u when u told ur girl ooo he can get it

admit it, u did it.. lets hop a cab, and slpit it

Im kiddin, we both goin to where u livin...HAH

i got u gigglin like a pigglet, oh thats the ticket

I hope your more like Anita Baker, than Robyn Givins

No iono that lady so let me quit it, im just style freein

free stylin what yall seldom do, this is what im tellin u

to the bed im nailin u

like i been in jail for 2 years

and then they let me loose.. HAHAHAHAHA..

He's the man.. right, I know



ron.marcelo said...

i feel confused too.
and anxious.
hopefully i wont get desperate lol.

but yeah andre 3000 is the shit.

Mika said...

what who u tellin man lol.. love him

Eth!X Y0UN& said...

me and my man was arguin about whos better between andre 3000 and this rapper i know name phonte...I love Dre 3000 to the fullest but ima go with the underdog..Phonte is one of the realest niggz out one really knows him but, u need to get to know him
Dre is the man tho..he has my name...hahaha

Mika said...

lol dre u dumb.. and aight ima check dude out i might like him lol