Sunday, September 28, 2008

Mary Jane (you know what im talkin bout)

I just want to know.. Y is it so common for
young ppl to go off to college and startsmoking
Lol.. they never tried it b4 they went to college
Ive been noticing that a lot
I wanna know y
Who can answer that for me??


ron.marcelo said...

lol no bull.
honestly i smoked "it" once but i was like 16. but only like 3 puffs, not enough to get high. so i never got high before lol. the only high i got was the light headed feeling from hookah lmao.

Mika said...

lol ron ur funny hookah is great.. but yea three puffs wont do it, and u were prolly doin it wrong anyways lol

ron.marcelo said...

well excuse me....

Nadia said...

for me it's simple..
freedom for 1..
secondly, you dont have to go home and look anyone in the eye knowing inside what u've done (because most of us all have that hidden guilt, whether it be conscious or subconscious)
also when you're in school it's different because it's kinda like you're in a box.. campus security aint the same as the feds, ya kno? so consequences don't seem as serious.
and when you're in school you start to experiment w/ things anyway. whether it be that or different types of people, ideas, styles, knowledge etc. it's all apart of seeing what we like, what we don't, what we wanna continue, stop, who we wanna be. ultimately who we become.
just my theories.
yeah? no? i think so.

Mika said...

alright nadi u always give great feedback wit ur essays lol

instantvintage said...

college = loads of time and opportunity not offered when living @ mom's house.


Sandra G. said...

Im not really sure why that is babes, all I can do is speak for myself and say I love my lungs. LOL

Mika said...

lol tru sandra i hear u lol

G*Two said...

It's all psychological. Conformity. Subtle, yet persistent influence. It's the same reason ppl smoke shisha (Tobacco @ the Hookah). When enough people do something, it becomes more and more seemingly acceptable. Same goes for Dreadlocks, Blogs, Personality glasses, ok maybe i took it too far, but you get what I mean.

Mika said...

lol personality glasses though, i honestly just wanted to try it lol