Monday, September 29, 2008

American Apparel turns Afrikan?

American Apparel felt the need to become more cultural by adding an Afrikan line (hint the colonial K) all of a sudden. The spandex, Studio 54esuqe inspired line has added a collection of tribal inspired leggings, tube tops, dresses and bikini’s.
The blogsphere as well as consumers of American Apparel are giving the ultimate side-eye for their new approach. Questions are being raised about this issue as to why it’s controversial. Well for one, it raises many questions about the way we perceive fashion’s connection to our culture’s significance. It’s a touchy issue because socially we’re all put in a position to debate whether or not a form of cultural heritage is being modestly emulated or passed on to become a marketing tool to make big profits by targeting a specific group.

Taken from Clutch Mag..

what a joke lol


Nadia said...

wow. i feel like.. if u want some afrikan clothes then go buy you some authentic afrikan clothes from an afrikan store and support afrikan people. i actually feel that it's a joke like u say. and a little like a slap in the face.. african children starving every day.. with no clothes.. and this skinny ass model (by choice) is running around in their prints and patterns. yes. african art, fashion, way of life is beautiful and i can see how people would want to wear the clothes and copy it, but we don't need them. send the african-inspired clothes to africa man. they could at least have a black woman modeling them!

girl.. aint it funny how all the stores are startin to sell shit that's been our style but it's new to mostly everyone else?

Mika said...

yea its funny girl... and a shame

Rickie said...

hey i ran across your blog and it is pretty awesome btw but anywho yes i agree AA is clearly trippin on this line....i also made a post about it on my blog(you should check it out) but i'm pretty sure most ppl wont think twice about how racially insensitive this line is

Mika said...

oh wow, thanks lol im so late reading ur comment, i will def check urs out.