Saturday, September 20, 2008

Follow Your Heart??

Ok, so I'm getting those feelings again...
The ones I get when i feel like Im not doing something
I should be doing.
I decided to major in computer science
because hey.. thats where the money is.. Technology is our "Future"
But if yall know me personally, or maybe not,
you can see I have a strong passion for fashion.
Ppl at school always asked me if I was a fashion major..
Then there are just regular ppl on the street who say they like my style..
Lol it was this one lady today i was running an errand for my manager
at Up Against the wall... she was like "I love it, I just love
ppl with style"...(there was more, i dont feel like typin)
then ended with "you just continue to inspire" and we parted ways
Fashion..My Calling Maybe??
I love clothes, I love making clothes, I love putting outfits together
I want to open up my own boutique, and have a line of dresses
I want to be majoring in fashion rather than
computer science..
Fashion makes me happy, style makes me happy
Computer Sience not so much lol,
But hey thats where the
money is right?
IDK what i should do
I want to make money, but I also want
to be able to go to work everyday and be like i love my job.
Be a stylist, a buyer for a funky fashionable store
Thats what makes me happy...
Im stuck man, IDK what to do like really...


ron.marcelo said...

my major is information systems.
that IT shit.
you think i like it?
HELL NO! lol.
I'm bored with computers.
i dont know what i want to do.
its sad cuz its like im going to school... just to not seem like a failure lol. (true story)

Nadia said...

ok.. so.. (i dont kno the answer but i'm just presenting some ideas that u mighta already thought of actually) if you really want to do fashion.. anything's possible. if you talk to the right people, work hard, you can accomplish anything. and make the money doing what you love. now it may take longer for you to get out there or it may not. but do you necessarily have to have a degree in fashion to do what u wanna do? maybe so.. idk. but maybe minoring in it? that's better than nothing. but that's kinda how it is with music. if ur good enough and you kno the right people it doesnt necessarily matter if u have a degree. you'll get gigs out the ass if people love u. but statistically speaking college is the way to go. and i know so many people that regret not finishing or goin to college.
but i feel like minoring is a good idea.. so if u ultimately decide to fully switch over you'll have a head start.. but idk. it's your life. but i do know that whatever you do you'll do well. set your goals and make them happen.

did i just write a book again? man..

Mika said...

haha nadia u def did.. and remember when i told u i was gonna double major but marcus was like the program at A&T sucks so i was like hmmm idk.. i make take it up again though cuz its somethin i really do want to do

Sandra G. said...

Omg Mika, its like you tapped into my brain [pause] and stole every thought I have ever processed in my mind about school. I too want to major in fashion and be a designer but I can't because I have a great job that pays well. If I went to school for it I would have to go full-time which conflicts with my work schedule. I say follow your dreams mama, it takes some kind of sacrafice to make it.


I say follow your dreams because your life wont be fulfilled unless you atleast attempt to pursue your dreams. You just need the determination and confidence that nothing will get in the way of you making that dream a reality. I believe your "passion" will lead you to success.

Oh but I would say dont put everything on fashion. Make sure you have something to fall back on if it doesnt work out.

De-U.c.e. Double said...

Donald Trump spoke on this situation...his opinion was if you don't do what you love you'll never make a lotta money even if it's a high paying job. The reason is because if you hate your job once you get off in U're free time people people usually spend it going out, clubbing, shopping, partying, drinking, smoking, etc. just to unwind...but if U love U're job once U get off U're gonna already be more happy & therefore wont be spending as much money or time trying to get happy & pacifying yourself.

Mika said...

aaw thanks for the advice u guys y im just now seein ur comments is beyond me lol, Im workin ont it, but i still feel a lil stuck like man shoot lol...