Sunday, August 31, 2008

No Makeup

I dont wear make up cuz i want you to see me for me

no sugar coating, no fasades, aint no fakin over here

and thats how i live my life.. Ima keep it 100% funky wit u

cuz thats the only thing I know how to do..

Like my moms, she taught me well

and i love her for it.

Now go wipe that ish off your face

and let that natural beauty shine through.

haha.. This was too flippin random

I know u feel me though



Nadia said...

hahaha "100% funky" that's whassup. i definitely can identify w/ this since i rarely wear makeup either.. but YOU kno... sometimes i'll put on a lil eye liner/shadow to "accentuate" my natural beauty.. a heh heh.. but forreal tho i feel like wearing makeup (especially excessively and often) is lying. lying about your true appearance by covering up who you really are. accept yourself and find beauty in it. every human is uniquely beautiful. if you don't believe that, you're lying to yourself as well.

Mika said...

aah and u feel me... im glad, but aint nothin wrong wit a lil eye liner and some sadow... def need the lip gloss too, keeps my lips moisturized lol

Rich.Girl said...

I feel you babes!
But I LOVE my eyeliner :)

Tanae Gamble said...

lmao @ Sandra.

Mika... yeeeesss! light make up or no make up at all is the business.

Mika said...

sandra girl i love the eyeliner too

Anonymous said...

Like clothing makeup is expression

women dont wear tight clothes cuz they dont have the flattest tummy...some chicks conceal a blemish because they want to? I love me some eyeshadow and mascara tho! p.s. this is a great blog i been reading this for the past two days!