Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am happy that I have aquired

new (well not technically new lol) ones.

Nothin but love and support in this triangle lol

I love yall

~I might be like a week late on this topic but so what lol

Nice talk this evening ladies
Now, on to the not so lovely side of things.
I really feel like I am starting to grow
apart from a particular someone.
I have felt this for sometime now
but really dont want to acknowledge the fact.
I know
we are indeed two different ppl. But i feel like your a
party pooper (to a certain extent) .. I still love you much though, and
you are indeed a wonderful person..
But I am living and i feel like your
a little stuck sometimes.


Sandra G. said...

Man I Love you both :)
Never in a million years did I think I would encounter such supportive friends... I had to go through so many bad friendships and it was all well worth it now that I look at it because I have you guys! I love you both and I thank you guys for taking the time to listen to me and im glad we can share all of our problems and ideas... My creative and artistic friends... last night was just a perfect display of how awesome our friendship is having conversations about all kinds of things :)

ron.marcelo said...

wow sandra that was deep.
[tear] lol.

Nae Nae said...

Sandra & Mika, i love yaw like sisters. No one, other than Aya, has treated me this way in my life. i wish i sent both of you those messages earlier in life. lol we have such a great future ahead of us and im glad we get to experience it together.

lets keep this goin guys!

And as for that "party pooper", just give it time. we all grow and shit changes... sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad. just talk to him/her about it.

Mika said...

aaw you guys... and yes nae, lets keep this going. Everything happens for a reason, and i am glad that this union has formed