Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Feelin a little off

Ok, so i am feelin a little off right now
kinda unfocused...
it's that procrastination kickin in again
And then, I am also feeling
uninspired... i want to sketch, you know
come up with some new designs
but then i get lazy..
somethin is wrong with me lol
Slap some sense into me please(or not lol)
I think i will just pray about it.. he never lets me down


ron.marcelo said...

lol. get back to it!
praying... hmmm
last time i went to church, Redskins lost.
Everytime I went to church, Redskins lose lol.
Last Sunday, I didn't go to church and guess what... WE WON! lol.
I wont be back in church for another 6-7-8 weeks! lol


idk bout slappin you lol. but ill give you some helping words. girl you better get back on your game!lmao. just stay positive and your creativity will be there and something will re-inspire your thoughts.

Mika said...

lol ron u are hilarious praying doesnt mean u have to go to church, i havent been to church in idk how long now lol... bryant i just need to get away man like travel or somethin see some new ish you know what im sayin


same here. i definitely feel you on that. like jeezy said..."i need a vaaacaaation"!

Sandra G. said...

*Slaps sense into Mika gently* LOL