Monday, December 8, 2008

The Audacity

Now, can any one tell me if
this has ever happened to you..
As you all know ( well my friends)
I work at Up Against The Wall..
Now on this particular day at work, I was having a
conversation with one of my managers.
I cant remember what it was exactly that led
to what I am about to tell you next, but he says
"Tamika, when are you going to change your style"
so i say what do you mean?
and he's like "That aint you for real. are you afrocentric"
So i laugh at him, and i say no im not afrocentric
and he replies wit "then y do you have a bush"
So i let him know that i have decided not to chemically
proccess my hair any longer, this is my hair at
it's natural state and this is how I was born.
He really didnt have much to say after that
But really, the audacity of such a comment
"when are you going to change your style"
"why do you have a bush"
My question to him is, Do you want me to look like
everyone else?
Lol I get made fun of at work because i choose not
to fit the mold of an UATW girl lol. Its cool, I'm me and I am happy with that.


Sandra G. said...

LFMAOOO. UATW Girl!! hahaha
I don't consider myself one of those either, nor Nae. But you already know what I had to say about that whole comment. Your manager needs to mind what they wear. Not going, just saying.

Boooogie. said...

lls you shouldve said when are you gonna change yours mafucka! lls sike nah wassup wit a hook up on a job i would greatly appreciate it lol!

ron.marcelo said...

lmaoooo wow.
fuck him. lol.

i need a change tho. there is not much to do with my hair lol.

Mika said...

lol come up to the store and get an application, im sure they would hire you... you fly enough lol... look into M st, or georgia ave, or pentagon too...


oh hell no! i know that nigga did not go there. fuck him! dont change for nobody mika. i love your hair its great! and its different...thats the problem everybody stuck on the same ass trend n shit. thats cuz these bammas lack creativity.

Nadia said...

girl i dont blame u ida been mad. i woulda went on him so hard man. his ass just mad cuz he look like everybody else in the got damn book. tell him to change his shit and maybe he'll understand shit a lil better.
ignorance man.. was he black?
if so.. exact representation of what they've set out for us to become. slaves man. slaves. you rock your fro. for whatever reason you like. and for however long you like. and fluff it up in his face when ur around him and be proud.
because you kno it's beautiful. and you're beautiful with it.
"lil bitch..."
lol ; )

Nadia said...

and the slaves thing was kinda a joke.. i read it and i was like damn i sound like malcolm x or some shit.. but u feel where im comin from tho.
right. aight.

Mika said...

LOL nadia i feakin love you man... that was freakin hilarious girl you b trippin out lol.. but yes he was black.. OMG nadia this comment made my night lol

"T" said...



Mika said...

lol t your funny

"T" said...


... but capitalize my T babe

Mika said...

boy please lol a t is a t

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

LOL. I wish people would realize that hair does not define a life aesthetic.

He's funny. LOL.

Mika said...

THANK YOU.. and no he's more than funny, he's dumb lol