Saturday, December 13, 2008


The Lord is doing some things man..
Like fareal, putting me in places
and setting up my future.
Let me just tell yall, Prayer works.
But make sure u putting in work also.
Now just to let yall know Y i am so happy
I was just made one of KAS' Assistants
no longer an intern/stylist..
I am Ecstatic.
A great future is ahead, and i just thank the Lord (peep the website)


ron.marcelo said...

congrats mika!
im proud of you
im still looking for my light.

Mika said...

thank you ron, man i couldnt believe it lol im so happy and i gotta make sure i do a perfect job

Mika said...

and just let that light come to you


thats wassup. congrats mika! im happy for you sweetie. just keep doing what you gotta do and you'll be just fine.

Mika said...

thanks bryant

Sandra G. said...

Im soooo proud of you my dear! and you know this mannn.

Nadia said...

GREAT MAN!!!! so much is goin on in ur life u GOTTA call me. i'm happy 4 u. it all makes sense!

Mika said...

NO u call me nadia lol, and thank you.. i am happy too