Thursday, December 4, 2008


OK so i think I am obsessed with boots

If i could wear them all year round

You best believe I would.

Skinnies, a white tee, cardigan, boots, my jewelery, and rock my fro

Yea... I love it lol

thats me pretty simplistic

250 dollars for these lol.. geesh, thats frye for you

These are so my next purchase

And then These lol

Oh and say these arent the best high waisted jeans ever

(i want them and i wish i knew where she got them from)

thanks for that link sandra lol


ron.marcelo said...

nice boots! go for it!
sadly i have lost my sense of fashion.
its in my mind but that all.

Mika said...

lol i know how that feels ron.. im bout to get it together though lol


the boots in the second pic are hot! i would definitely get them if i was a chick lol.

Mika said...

lol thanks bryant yea come next week maybe ima have those lol

Sandra G. said...

I agree with Bryant! Those boots are something serious... adn your welcome :)

Ron you didn't lose you sense... maybe you misplaced it. Go look for it. :)

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Careful with those grey ones...if they're from UO, they're getting some really bad construction reviews. So sad because they're cute as hell.

Mika said...

Yea Alicia, i read those reviews right lol.. but i still want those boots man.. idk, they are out of my size now though, sucks... now what am i to do lol

Nadia said...

dude ur weird...

sike na i love u mika.

and i like those grey joints from UO.. but if they gon make my feet hurt i'm not spendin no money on them.

take me to a vintage shop! (you kno the deal ; ) )