Tuesday, October 28, 2008


Follow yor instincts.
Dont let others influence what u want to do in life.
Although it may bring you money, it wont truely make u happy.
Your only going to give your full effort if your doing something
your passionate about.
The children are our future. Help mold leaders (lol i just love kids)
Thats all for now


Nae Nae said...

i love reading shit like this. its so motivating. thanks Mika.

p.s. hows that job location transfer looking! lmao!

Lysha B. said...

this was right on time
thanx for the motivation!

Mika said...

Your welcome u guys, i had to speak it into existance cuz it motivated me also. I had an epiphany (sp) last night, and as many times as yall have told me to go after what i want (this fashion thing) Im finally gonna "follow my insticts" and i hope yall will too

Sandra G. said...

This is wonderful :)
Very motivating mama... btw I can NOT stay off Lookbook LOL

p.s. I love kids too!

ron.marcelo said...

this is inspiring.
even tho i dont kno wat to do lol.
i follow my first instincts from now on lol.

Mika said...

SANDRA isnt lookbook GREATNESS lol, and thats great ron, the first instinct most of the time is the best one, there have been many times where i've been like man i should have followed my first instinct