Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the Up and Up

So Im "Feelin good feelin great,
Feelin great feelin good
how are u?"
Today was a good day
Im happy
Met this guy,
He's sweet We'll see how it goes
On that, how do u feel about talkin
to ppl with kids (he has a daughter, she's cute lol)
I used to be like "NEVER" now im considering I like kids lol
Im Smilin
:D Cheese! lol


instantvintage said...

I take it as a sign of maturity. Kids aren't that bad...unless they're in a large group.


ron.marcelo said...

i wouldnt mind a girl with a kid.
as long as the kid is as cute as her mother. lol.

kids like me anyways. lol

Mika said...

lol ron u dumb, kids like me too

Nae Nae said...

GIRL! been there, done that. just as long as he doesn't have too many kids and [most important] NO BABY MAMMA DRAMA.

glad you're happy!

Mika said...

LOL yea nae, i feel u... stuff seems pretty straight to me, and he is really sweet lol.. like "aaaaaw" lol let me stop he only has a daughter

Sandra G. said...

I say if you like him go for it... We are getting older so kids are going to be a factor in a lot of people's lives... =)