Friday, October 3, 2008

Profound Thoughts

As we grow old, we tend to lose
sight of our dreams. Those things we found pleasure
in doing when we were young. So much
we learned but have forgotten...
A time machine is needed..
What would have happened if you would have
continued to do what the right side of your
brain controls? How great would you be at it, where would you be,
and what would you be doing? Now we are trying to get
our "careers" started. Go to college to better our chances
we call "America" land of the "Free" and home of the "Brave."
I'm saddend by the thought and sometimes I wonder y this world is the way it is..
OH, I know y, cuz man was not meant to be successfull indipendent of God, Jehovah,
The Most High.
"To earthling man his way does not belong. It does not
belong to man who is walking even to direct his step"
~Jeremiah 10:23
I wish it all could just be a peacefull union
where we wouldnt have to worry about hate, violence, global warming, greed...
We could just love one another. We are all Gods children
you are my brothers and sisters, we are equal
(I know i just totally went off in another direction,
but thats what happens when I have these thoughts
that just go from one subject to the next)
We need change and it will soon come.
I hope your saved.


Sandra G. said...

This is wonderful. Now it has me pondering. Hmmm.... This is definitely fulling. Thanks for the breakfast.

Mika said...

lol your welcome

ron.marcelo said...

that was great.
i need to write like this
somethin profound lol

Mika said...

thanks ron :)


yeah this was great.
Yeah i be wondering about these things everyday. like where would i be or where will i be in the future. its definitely something to worry about.

great post mika.

Lysha B. said...

thank you for this

it is a beautiful post.

Nadia said...

YES MIKA! keep on letting out these random thoughts. they mean so much to our development as people. and i totally agree.. bottom line... it is what it is (lol it's funny how everything can be summed up with that phrase) but yeah. keep living in the way that you want to live. the world doesn't control you, you control your world.

Mika said...

i know im all late lol, but thaks u guys