Saturday, October 25, 2008


"I need to cut that ish out"
Thats what im tellin myself and i do that quite often
but still continue to Procrastinate.
Somethin is wrong wit me lol
And because of my procrastination,
I feel stagnant.. I mean im movin
but not movin at the same time, you know what im sayin?
This is pissin me off, i need to do somethin bout it.
Now after having this thought, I hope i finally put it into action.



yeah i feel on that. cuz i be procrastinating my damn self lol. that shit gotta stop asap! for you and me both.

ron.marcelo said...

the only thing i procrastinate on is school shit and photoshoots lmao.

G*Two said...

I just wrote a song about that. It took me a week to write my verse. Lol.

Nadia said...

i feel u . i'm procrastinatin right now. why? cuz i'd rather look at ur blog than actually put some effort into my grades.. sounds senseless, right? but that's what what it is. what is that damn glitch in our heads that says: "dont worry... u got this.. u can do it later.. it'll be fine"

but what we fail to realize is that it'll be MUCH EASIER if we just get the shit overwith.. but still.. i'm sitting her typing more and more..