Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Plenty Clothes, not enough SHOES!

That's my delima..
You can have all of the clothes in the world;
but if you don't have the shoes to complete the look,
then it is all PURPOSE LESS lol..
Currently in the proccess of stepping my shoe game WAAAY Up lol.
Link me to some great sites with great deals too if u dont mind =)


Peep toe everything lol


Fashionista of the Future said...

You know I got you girl! =) www.piperlime.com, www.zappos.com (sometimes good deals and good shoes but not all the time), DSW, actual store, esp. the sale section, try Pentagon City location. Hope this helps chica.

InnyVinny said...

Endless.com/Amazon.com, 6pm.com, ebay, and Nordstrom Rack if it's in your area.

Mika said...

I dont think we have a Nordstrom Rack. If we do, i have nooo i dea where it is lol.. Thanks for the great sites guys

Jay said...

I would like to hip you to one of my fav sites...This is me:champagne taste with Kool-aid funds. It's disgusting. Well anyway, amiclubwear.com has lots of trendy fashionable shoes at VERY affordable prices...and I am a shoe FANATIC...hope this helps :-) p.s. love your blog and ur natural hair.