Monday, July 26, 2010

"I'm going Natural"

So earlier today I was having a conversation with Joshua Kissi one half of Street Etiquette (via twitter) and he stated "If going "Naturale" for ladies is a trend- I'm just sitting here and appreciating it lol." To which I responded "It feels like one to me."
Since I've been completely natural, I have started to see LOTS and LOTS of younger girls cutting off all of their hair, or saying that they are going natural. We have a lot of "Amber Rose's" round these parts lol. Which leads me to believe that majority of younger girls are doing it just because its whats hot right now, and if mainstream media accepts it and says its cool, then thats what everyone is going to do.
Granted there are a lot of women that really think and contemplate their decision before going through with it, thinking about the maintenance it requires all things of that nature and I support that. But what I do not support is people "hopping on" following "the trend," Doing it just because "Oh I want to be different." Just like tattoo's I feel people should really think before doing. I know yall have seen some dumb tattoo's on people, the ones with no significance.. Yeah those. *End Rant*
What say you all?


Kelly said...

One thing I will say is I did happen to start wearing my hair natural around the same time Amber Rose emerged, "Good Hair" came out, Solange big-chopped, Cassie shaved, etc... So I'm pretty sure when some people see me they're thinking "there's another one" when really I decided it was the best thing for me in the long run. I'm never a bandwagon jumper.

InnyVinny said...

I say live and let live. =D

Srsly though, everyone's motivations for going natural run the gamut, so folks doing it for the sake of trend won't get static from me. I can't big up the girl who hates chemicals and knock the one who's tired of breakage while high-fiving the one who's thought about it, but got the gumption when x,y or z did it.

Either way, I'm happy natural hair is being embraced. I don't care how it happens, but the more women who don't vilify their curls, the better. =D

Steph said...

I agree with you, Mika.
Not that it's not a good thing that being natural is becoming mainstream but I believe that a lot of women are doing it because it's a trend. And it's frustrating! I wish I could be 100% happy about seeing more naturals but I can't...knowing that as soon as the trend period will have passed most will go back to their old habits.

Being natural is more than just about hairstyles...It's a lifestyle. I shaved my head 5 years ago and since then I have changed the way I treat my body: I eat better, I exercise more often, I avoid certain ingredients in all of the products I use. Plus, the way I perceive life in general has changed.

Mika said...

Thanks for your comments ladies.

@Kelly as long as you did it for you and it for you then that is what is most important.

@Alicia agreed, but i just simply dont like when ppl do it simply because it is on trend. I do however support the women who now have the courage to embrace the hair that God blessed them with

@Steph Exactly!