Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Still Lacking...

Hello All..
In my previous post entitled "Hot Chocolate Please,"
I touch on the subject of the Lack of African and African American Male and
Female Models being shown in High Fashion Editorials, and known
fashion magazines like Elle and Vogue...
It really makes me think, and is kind of upsetting when I
go and look trhough a fashion magazine wanting
to cut out some pictures for a collage and all I
see are Caucasian models.. Yes, the clothes are beautiful,
the models are beautiful, and the poses are Feirce lol,
But We can do it too.. Which brings me to another point
Y support a market that doesnt support you?
I need to see more African, and African American Models
represented in these High Fashion Editorials, and walking in these
NYFW, and Paris Fashion Week Fashion Shows.
I want to cut their pictures out
of Magazines like Elle, Vogue, Bazar and W.
This just really erks me, and I cant shake it.
That is all, rant over (not really though lol)


Fashionista of the Future said...

You are touching on a major topic that a writer from DMVUnplugged touched on. She started a petition...I actually just emailed it to you.

theINTELLECT said...

I feel what you are saying and another blog that I follow did an interesting search. If you look at the old pictures of African women in European art they are shown with large behinds with white audiences gawking at them. Cut to today and all you see in black magazine's are video vixen showing off their behinds. It was a very interesting observation on how we are now the ones objectiving our own women.

It's funny how much play Amber Rose has gotten for her body, but I have yet to hear this chick utter one word. In the meantime many instead of celebrating the natural curves of African and Black women in high end clothes, we only get the pencil thin Chanel Iman, Jordan Dunn, Alex Wek, etc.

Bring back the Amazons lol!!!

Anonymous said...

" we can do it too" is right but what blacks have failed to understand and even what Marcus Garvey tried to teach us is that we can do it. We are always trying to be a part of or get a piece of but what about doing it too? I mean our own magazines our own whatever we feel we are not getting our fair share on.... We will never be respected as a race until we get up and do what we have to do instead of sounding like whining children to these white folks.