Monday, January 25, 2010

Gallivanting around the City

So this weekend turned out to be quite an eventful one =)
Thursday my girl Imani and I went to Buffalo Wild Wings
for dinner with a couple of her friends from Howard..
Laughed my butt off at this guys fake ID.. it was Hilarious,
and his friends made even funnier.
The food was great, and now I think I'm addicted to that
Buffalo Ranch Chicken Sandwich lol.
All in all Thursday night was a wonderful one.
Moving on.. Friday I had the pleasure of being introduced
to some Indian Cuisine at Jyoti by my girl Imani.
She treated Dana and myself to dinner, and yes..
It was bomb, I must go back.
Dana's Spinach Samosa.. these things are soooo good
I had the vegetable one with potatoes on the inside =)
My face is hilarious lol

Dana's chicken curry

My fish curry, not my favorite, but Imani liked it

Imani's chicken dish

After dinner we headed on over to the Wharehouse Lofton New York Ave for a Haiti Bennefit concert brought to you by 2Papercuts, where all proceeds went to the American Red Cross Relief for Haiti.The concert was amazing.. everyone did a wonderful job,and I'm mad my phone died while I was in there causeI would have been tweeting it up lol..
Anyways.. here is a list of my top performances
M1- Platoon, The Golden Girl Tribe, Chris Barz,
The Five One, and Tabi Bonne..
They rocked, and I had a lot of fun
seeing familiar Faces

Last on this weekend extravaganza lol,
we travel on over to Penang, a lounge in DC.
Mitch (short for michelle lol) Imani, and I
all know the guy who was workin the door lol..
It was pretty chill, and the 21+ crowd
is funny.. especially the men.. I swear smh
All in all GREAT weekend, I always have a good time
when I go out with the girls =)
What did you guys do this weekend?

Photo credits go to the wonderful Dana James aka FrankyJ

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