Friday, January 8, 2010

Hair Catastrophe PT 2

This is kind of old news but hey what the heck lol..

Now I'm sure that most of you have read my first "hair catastrophe" post
But there is MORE lol

Now after being stood up by my usual stylist, I was referred to
another one by my friend Kristian.
The woman charged the same as Francis and everthing.

So a couple of weeks ago I call to make my appointment, and
I tell her how much hair i have (1 full pack and half a pack)
and she goes to tell me that I have enough hair.. WRONG

Now Im there I show her the pictures of the style I want and shes like ok,
thats cute. Now im sitting in the chair, trusting her hands (shouldnt have done that lol)
and the whole time im a little uneasy

Hair is finished it looks like Blah, but i go home and sleep on it thinking i will like
it better in the morning.. NO GOOD lol, i really just wanted to wear a hood on my
head all day.

So to fix the situation I go back to the salon, and ask her to take it out cause I dont like it, and
I got half of my money back to.. #WIN lol

peep the pics I'm only showing u guys this because this is what a sew in should NOT look like lol
sadly, that woman can NOT CUT HAIR

You see Dawn and Kelis' hair, this is what I was going for, but that^ is what i got lol
So it's back to Francis I go
Would you rather have a BOMB Stylist or a Soso stylist who is very polite and professional?



crazy i was just talking to my bf about that same style. I may have to try it,It didn't even cross my mind that i could get a sew in and just have it cut instead of a hideous quick weave.

Mika said...

lol, I still dont know exactly what a quick weave is haha. But yeah try it, sew in's can be a bit pricy but i think it's worth it if you have a bomb stylist

Matilda Egere-Cooper said...

Oh dear :-( Sorry to hear that girl. It's all about the stylists who can cut really - but I guess there's never a win-win; I recently got a sew-in (see icon), but I had to wait an hour for the stylist to arrive (apparently, she had just woken up - at 2pm in the afternoon!)

Crazy. But I was happy with my hair - even though some professionalism (and a discount!) were certainly in order!

InnyVinny said...

Ahh yes, the modified T-boz. Looks like it can be fixed, but some of that cut is just head shape. It needs a little more weight on the sides and two longer pieces and you'll be set.

simplychic said...

i just discovered your blog so i had to go back and read pt 1, but i am totally with you! i have the worst experience with hairdressers!!! and ppl say i am being too picky, but if i am paying you for a service, is it really too much to ask for you to show up on time (or at all), not book 3 ppl in my time slot, and not come up with a price out of thin air! geez! this makes me want to start a blog about hair woes. anyway, i think the cut is cute, but i will be back to see where you end up :)