Friday, August 29, 2008

Ms. E Badu

If you didn't know already
I love Erykah badu
She's just real man
Check her out.
They tried to talk about her though lol
HA!! She's too slick for it though
Interview wit Blender Mag:

Oh and as you can see,
I figured out how to format my page lol


darkness4913 said...

As you know Erica is a crazy individual who does not care what others think of her. She has an authentic voice that erect people to take a seat and really speculate about the meaning of their life. Wow she is amazing.

Mika said...

i know right.. thats y i lover her, and not
wit u spelling her name wrong lol its erykah, but thats ok

run4money864 said...

absolutely hilarious interview, thank for postin it up. i never knew Erykah Badu was that funny lol

Mika said...

haha ur welcom martin, and yes she is quite the character

The Maverick said...

i just love e.b she's so in touch with who she is and what she was put on this earth to do.

love her much