Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Vibes

Im just gettin in its late.. well early

prolly bout 5 in the mornin or somethin

Tonight was just a great night man..

Just great vibes wit good ppl... I love it

Its amaizing how ppl just come together,

Like never met b4 in life, but have mutual friends

and everybody just clicks and talks about whateva.

U know, actin like yall been friends forever

Thats how i was feelin..

Just real happy

Surrounding myself wit positivity.

Just Livin... it feeels great.

Im lucky to have encountered such ppl.

one more thing lol:

I met this girl named KAYPII

like you know how u have the initials

she had NO initials like her mom actually
amed her Kaypii... idk i just find that interesting

Here are some pics from the night:

Me and Kaypii

The whole house came outside lol


Nadia said...

JAY-PII! wow. i remember there was this girl that went to my church when i was younger.. her name was Ariel.. and i thought u spelled it "REL".. yeah i was young.

Mika said...

lol nadia u funny

Mika said...

i feel so bad, i need to fix this her name is so kaypii... i was on some stuff when i wrote this hahaha