Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Look who dropped by


While at work Saturday Marsha Ambrosious stopped by to shop.. and I got a photo yay lol. I love this womans voice, she is so talented.


Afrikan Princess said...

ahhh your hair is on fire !!!! (in a good way :) )

You're so lucky you got to meet her. She has an amazing voice.


NaturallyMoii said...

-drools- hair evny @ the both of you! and cute earrings!

funny how I'm over here blasting ur music!

Nicole Alicia said...

OMG! I would have been so geeked to have met her. You're so lucky!


MyAlterEgo said...

Those earrings!!! Who made them please put me on.

Mika said...

HEEY thanks guys lol.. @MyAlterEgo the earrings are made by http://www.piecexkarmin.bigcartel.com/ enjoy