Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Update on the Way

My weekend was pretty exciting.
I had the opportunity to go to two events with my Boss.
1. Taylor Thomas of "The Steve Harvey Morning Show" has a
Charity Jewelry line entitled "Jew~wels" which she displayed for the first time
this past Friday to a small group of friends and colleauges.
Her line will be held exclusivly at our store "House of Kas"
Isnt that Great =)
2. My good friend EmoreJ Couture Video Personality, and what I
would like to call a VERY Avant Garde designer had his second fashion show
this past Sunday... He had a few local Designers show their collections as well,
and closing out the show was of course EmoreJ..
Just waiting on pictures now..
you'll see... you aaaall will see lol.

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