Monday, August 23, 2010

Jumping into Fall

As the seasons begin to change once again, I must say that I am a bit excited.
Bedsides summer, fall is one of my favorite seasons..
And with that being said, I am trying to get into this outerwear lol
Normally, I have been rather "dry" when it comes to my coats..
limited if you will, so this year I would like to have my outerwear be just as stylish as the clothes underneath.. gotta complete my look you know lol.
I've noticed that here where I reside, capes arent really being sported, but are extremely popular over in Europe.. Hasn't really caught on too much on my side though..
Take a look at what I'm eying..
All Asos and TopShop =)
What say you all?





InnyVinny said...

*thumbs up* on the last two. =D

Mika said...

Yes, those two are my favorites as well.