Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spendin Money I Shouldnt

Yeah, so last week I kinda Sorta went on a spending spree..
I was tryingto be smart about it though lol..

I think i did pretty good.. But now im broke LOL smh

Bad Tamika...

But anyways..
Check out my purchases lol

Love, love, love this top.. cant wait to wear it

Check my girl Alicia's Etsy page
she has some awsome stuff =)

Beautiful turquiose flats from urban.. Discount cause i work there lol

And I needed a nice black
cardigan that I could just throw on
and it wouldnt be extremely heavy..
Love it

I also bought a pair of over the knee boots

Been wanting some since forever..
They ok, not sure if im in love with em yet..
Tried to get a pic, no such luck =(


InnyVinny said...

Nothing wrong with the occasional splurge...even if it means ramen for a few days. =P

Enjoy the shirt, my dear!

Agnes style said...

your really beautiful! just wanted you to know that=)

Mika said...

Alicia: thanks sooo much for the shirt =)

Agnes: How kind of you, thank you =)