Monday, March 15, 2010

And Another One

So... Last week while I was working at Urban Outfitters in Gallery Place/Chinatown, one of my many jobs lol, a photographer by the name of
Hannan Saleh came up to my manager and I while we were working and wanted to take photos of us for
Essence's Street Style DC edition lol..
And of course I agreed.

So Yay I've been featured in the Street Style NY and DC editions
you can check it out here
but check out the pics of me and some of the other looks I liked =)

These two pics were shot on Monday, she wanted

to shoot with me again, I was flattered =)

Shot on Saturday while I was at work

Loved her cluch and her nails =)

Enjoy =)


Fashionista of the Future said...

WOW! I love love love it!!!!

Mika said...

=) Thanks Dana

InnyVinny said...


Liz Jones said...

I love this! street fashion is my favoriteeeee. I've always wanted to work with my camera & take pictures of some of our customers!

BelovedOsaruchi said...

Your hair is amazing, Love it! U look beautiful.