Monday, March 8, 2010

NYFW 2010

As promised, here are some pics from my trip to New York
with my girl Imani..

and GUESS WHAT... I just stumbled across these pics on
under "Street Style: The New York Way"

def shocked, and uber excited/happy at the same time lol

Winter Fun
"It may still be cold outside, but that will never keep good friends

from enjoying each other’s company in style."

Winter Cool
"Sometimes you don’t need all the bells and whistles to make your point.

Simplicity speaks for itself."

Work, Girl!
"Fashionable items may be purchased, but a confident stride completes every look.
This young lady’s confidence is infectious."

The Photographer, Mr. Swagger360 himself..
Check his blog..

Inside the tents

One little pic from the Tracy Reese Show lol,

It was packed in there

A pic from the day before =( no shows this day,

we missed it

I had a freakin blast in NY and I will def be back up there

come summer time =)

I hope you guys like the pics


Fashionista of the Future said...

YESSSSSSSSS HUNTI'S!!! Those pics go all the way off...I am about to go on and blog about you gals being on the site. =)

Mika said...

HAHAA YEEEEESSS.. go head girl lol.. can't waint to see the post

InnyVinny said...

OWWWWWWW!!! I LOVE these pictures. =D