Sunday, April 5, 2009

Updates on My Life~Being a PA isn't Easy

Last weekend was quite a hectic one for me,
but I did enjoy myself because I love the
my job.
Sunday the 29 of March was the Buzz V fashion
Show in Baltimore, MD at the Tremont Grand.
Education of a Model Reaity Show was filmed live :)
EOM is blowing up.. stay tuned for it to hit the TV stations

So I spent the night at the Tremont Plaza the night b4 the
show... Check the view of Baltimore at night.

B4 the show began

EOM Contestants along with other

models getting hair and makeup done for the show

The Show finale Kas Collection .. You better work Jazz lol

Here I am at the Fashion Show after party
with Kas, and Tiff

Another after party pic.. The two PA's
and one of Kas' signature models Miguel

Me and Tiff again..
This past Friday we filmed the commercial for
EOM... so much fun :)
along with hecticness lol (is that a word?)

Trying to work, then take a break to eat some
Jonny Rockets lol.. Stuffing my face

M.Mitchel the Chef setting up for

his commercial segment

The Camera Crew.. Adrian and D

Kas Collection Signature Models(missing a few though)
More pics and events to come folks stay tuned..
Being a Personal Assistant aint easy,
but I'm glad to say I love my job! lol


r[o]n said...

looks sooo interesting.
busy, yet interesting!
glad you got into this!

Mika said...

yea me too ron.. from an intern to a personal assistant.. im movin up lol

Alicia/InstantVintage said...

The hair is too cute!!!!

Mika said...

Thanks Alicia :)