Monday, April 27, 2009

Ugh My Life

I have been working quite hard

I need money

I need a new camera to  post my adventures 

Lacking inspiration once again...

and I wish I could go shopping

on another note.. the weather was beautiful today.. kinda hot but 

 I'm glad its not cold.. should have taken a pic of the shirt I made.. 



r[o]n said...

we all have our needs and wants.
but we must keep workin towards them.
like i needed a new camera
but my cousin some how bought a new one
so yeah im borrowing that for shoots lol.
and im slowly workin on
improving my car. yep yep!

Mika said...

YAAAY RON... your cousin always gettin new camera's and what happened to the joint u used to have back when i was still at the fcc?

r[o]n said...

umm thats the camera i brought to my bday dinner lol.