Thursday, March 24, 2011

Natural Hair Update

Hey guys.. quick update on my Natural Hair. Unfortunately I have no photos right now.. Blame my cellular phone issues lol. For about a month and a half (beginning in February and ending then begenning of March) I had my hair in a Protective Style. For my first braided extention experience I got Senagalese twists and my hair is thanking me for it now.
I might have gotten a half an inch to an inch of growth =) Remember this post where I was battling with my hair? Well I think my issue has finally been resolved. My scalp was just DRY resulting in my hair feeling super dry and brittle. I may do a mild protien treatment in the near future also. But letting my hair rest and applying oil to my scalp regularly as well as going back to the products that I first started using during my transition has my hair feeling like its old self again. And I'm happy about that. Hope you guys are doing well.
I 'll post some pics of my Senagalese Twists and recent photos of my hair now as soon as I can

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