Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Natural Hair Delima

I have recently come to the conclusion that my hair is lacking moisture and doesn't retain water like it used to..
My current regimen and products must not be working for me,
so I think I am going to discontinue the use of these Carol's Daughter products and switch back to all the products I used to use when I started transitioning..
I guess the saying is right, "if it aint broke, dont try to fix it" lol
=( this makes me sad that my hair isn't a fluffy fro at the moment.
Any tips you guys could give me would be most appreciated.


Nadia said...

some of the dryness might be due to the fact that its winter. the same thing happens to me and i can definitely tell as soon as the weather starts to change. I have to deep condition my hair in the winter so that it wont get too dry.

silvia Navarro said...

pedazo de post!!!
me ha encantado este blog!

1besazo enorme =D

kirstyb said...

i need to stop bleaching mine x

Hell is my lIfe said...

It might just need a protien treatment. I kno when my hair is feeling dry for no reason I do a protien treatment and it makes my hair better

Mika said...

Thanks for your comments guys. @hell is my life, Ive never tried a protien treatment before. I might need to give that a go.