Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fall.. Chic and Edgy

After viewing the latest episode of "The Rachel Zoe Project" and witnessing the greatness of

Burberry's Prorsum Fall/Winter 2010 Collection.. I felt compeled to write this post lol
The boot game is SICK and I wish I could afford the short buckle boot, as well as the tall =(



Then I felt the need to put this look together stemming from THE BOOTS
Which I LOVE and wish I could own.. I guess we have to dream right lol


I call this my edgy business chic look lol, and YES that is that same ASOS cape

I blogged about a few posts back.. I'm getting it, no question *folds arms*

What say you all?

Enjoy the show =)


Lady J said...

I almost thought I was the only one that noticed how freakin sick both that show and those books were...I mean the colors...everything was boss. I loooove that skirt and cape by the way. Great picks.

Rossana said...

Love love love the boots! They all that and some more! And that ASOS cape oooo-eeee... I'mma get that. But those boots are architecture and design on one's foot. They're perfect, perfectly different! *sigh* Love!!

Love your blog too!
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Shirls said...

love this post
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ProperPosture said...

Christ!! those boots are nothing to play with lol good stuff :)

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