Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Horse Shampoo??

Yet another question for my natural hair readers.. matter
of fact, all my readers.
Have you ever used horse shampoo and conditioner on your own hair?
Yesterday I was chilling in Carol's Daughter
with my girl Ngozi who happens to be the assistant manager..
A customer walks in with beautiful full long natural hair.
Ngozi asks what she uses on her hair, and the woman
informs her that she uses horse shampoo and conditioner..
The real stuff, u know.. what you would use on
an actual horse.. we were both like what? haha
So what say you all? have you tried it?
I am contemplating trying it myself. Her hair was full and long and beautiful.
So y not?


InnyVinny said...

Oh, do you mean Mane 'n' Tail? Used it all the time! The conditioner smells amazing. LOL.

Mika said...

Not mane n tail, the women couldnt remember the brand, but she said it wasn't that one.. Ima search around though

Chenise said...

Was it Mega-tek? I would probably use it but my mom and sister might think I going crazy!! What ever works right?