Monday, November 2, 2009

NC A&T Homecoming 09

Yes, I rep A&T even if it was for only a semester.
Made great friends who I know I can
always count on no matter what.
That out of state college experience is the Greatest
thing EVER lol
I had an absolute ball this weekend
Peep the pics from A&T Homecoming 09 =)
Me and my girl Dana.. Peep her blog

My homie Zeek

Lol i love this pic.. me and my homie Jeremy

One of my best friends Nadia

Alpha's at the Step show

Nadia again.. with her Que friend

It was crazy on the yard..

The AKA Plot

Only down South right lol

Nadia Again lol

Hitting Music City after the Step Show Legs for days lol



uuuuugggh your fro makes me want to through my flat iron in the river and let my hair grow out with no heat damage! I need to go to a HBCU for a semester, i feel like i'm missing out on so much.

Fashionista of the Future said...

I am sooo sad I didn't get to see Nadia =( well hopefully over Thanksgiving break, we can all hang out. =)

Mika said...

Girl I havent put heat to my hair since Ive been natural.. I think u should give the flat iron a rest for a while. You have pretty curls =) and I agree u should.. HBCU's are quite the experience lol

Dana: Nadia is gonna be in Ashville for thanksgiving im sure.. probably wont see her till next summer lol