Wednesday, August 5, 2009

"Good Hair"

For years and years, this has been a great debate
within the African American Community.

I have good hair because it is Healthy... Take That! lol
When i was transitioning some girls would be like
"Tamika why dont u get a perm"
and then when I was completely Natural girls would be like
"Tamika, why don't you press your hair so it can be straight"

I love my Fro =) So I'd rather not.
No more relaxers for me

Check the movie trailer for "Good Hair"

I am going to go see this, should be quite amusing lol


Ms. Butterfly said...

Ah good hair, it explains the steady profit of the relaxers and weave industry. Here in brooklyn I see so many lovely sisters with natural hair and even dreads-I'm so tempted. I've always wanted dreads.

Mika said...

well go for it =) i think locks are beautiful

Pennerad said...

Having this same debate with everyone I know right now. Very frustrating. My mom actually thinks my job may be in jeopardy because of my hair. Kinda makes me feel ostracized by the fam. Thank goodness for natural blogs. Movie should be good.