Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Work Out Plan

Protien Milk shakes, Green tea, and Water
Push ups
200 Crunches a night
Weight lifting
some cardio
and u gotta stretch
end result
Boy am I gonna be toned up for the summer..
we'll see how this goes though,
guess i need to go to the GNC and the grocery store LOL


Alicia/InstantVintage said...

Have fun...

ron.marcelo said...

yay. too bad im lazy lol.
i work out but im a lazy gym'er.

Lysha B. said...

I'm definitely on my own little work out plan myself..

mon-thurs mornings im hittin the gym & eliminatin poultry, beef, and pork from my diet

when you do your crunches..try using'll definitely feel and see definition after a couple weeks..


Mika said...

well that sounds a little too strict for me lol... and ron get it together lol...but lysha good luck to u also lady... i couldnt do what your doin lol.. mine is just somethin slight

Sandra G. said...

I'm already a pretty healthy eater... I'm not fat, I just need to tone up. So I need to be on that ASAP! If I go jogging are you coming with? =D
I feel more motivated when someone is actually there with me. LOL


thats wassup mika. i feel on that...having that body right for summertime lol. matter of fact I just started going back to the gym full blast mon/wed/fri. so yeah get it in son.

Mika said...

Lol yea I will come with if time allows Sandra ... I need a blender for those shakes and some ice cream lol

Nae Nae said...

Okay Mika, you're like me... 2 pounds away from being a fucking stick. LLS so tone up and show the world how exercise really does work. but be careful... lol

Mika said...

Lol nae I'm trying to get my abs back, and build muscle man.

Martin Maxwell said...

oh snap, Mika bout to be buff lol jkjk but thats wats up tho