Sunday, February 26, 2012

My life Through Instagram

Yeah, so if you don't know now you know... I have an Iphone and one of my favorite apps right now is Instagram.. I can document bits and pieces of my life through a photo or two, it's pretty fun lol. If you have instagram you can follow me at MeeekMillz =)



LaQuan Smith Fall 12 collection

1. Walking home
2. A NY Vintage shop
3. Wearing Bisoux Jewelry
4. Getting Make up done for Crystal Couture Runway Shows
5. Headed to work
6. With Curran of Kings Rule Together at Bloggers Night Out in NYC
7. Inside the Lincoln Center during NYFW
8. Walking from the Hudson Hotel
9. Tsemaye Fall 12 Presentation
10. Pho 32
11. At the Soho Grand after the Lars Andersson Fall Presenation
12. LaQuan Smith Fall 12 Presentatioln at the Bryant Park Hotel
13. Display at H&M
14. Amazing Vintage at It's "Vintage Darling" in DC


Anonymous said...

Your necklace in the 2nd pic is gorgeous! And I love your bun in the 4th pic. Your gorgeous~!~!

blue roses said...

i love the luxurious furs, and your beautiful red lips!

Mika said...

Thank you ladies =)

A.A said...

Love the purple leather set on the last picture

Peace and Love