Wednesday, August 24, 2011

What's Your Story?

So today I had a slight convo with a friend of mine's coworker; a young man basically stating that the reason women go natural is much deeper than just deciding to stop chemically processing their hair. To a certain extent I agree with him, and then you have some women who do if for that reason, and that reason alone. All stories are different and all women go natural for different reasons. So for my natural haired readers, and even those contemplating the transition to natural what is your story? Why did you decide to go natural, or why are you thinking about going natural now?

Looking forward to your responses =)


little HBIC said...

OK.. well my whole reson for going natural was because of the recession! I was in my last semester in school, i had just taken out my sew in weave i had in. When i took it out i tried to transition but i just couldn't deal with the two different textures. I didn't have any money to go to the salon, beacuse i had too many bad experiences with home relaxers there was no way i was gonna have one put in. So the next day i decided today would be the day i would cut off my hair! So i went to the shop and they choped me down.. At first I was uncomfortable with my bald head. I wore a wig for the first day, but with the support of my friends, i got enough courage to wear my new short cut and For once in my life i really felt beautiful. I could no longer hide behind hair. Made me feel free.. It helped me gain the confidence i have now! Im 2 yrs deep with my natural hair and im in my protective style phase. Im trying to get a bush like yours!

Mika said...

Beautiful story =) It's wonderful that your big chop has given you a great boost of confidence. I love what becoming natural does for women. It's a beautiful thing