Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mila & Fire

Last week I had the opportunity to shoot for Mila and Fire Vintage online boutique.. The photos came out great, and I've been getting a lot of love from people on twitter lol.

Guess you can add freelance model to my resume too huh haha.. Check out some of the pics






Love it? Shop Mila & Fire Vintage here


Nik G said...

Nice photos! Work! :)

Sarea-Flo said...

I love this post, you look great!! Werk girl!! And I will be check out Mila and Fire Vintage! Thanks!!

Mika said...

Thanks guys! and you're welcome Sarea, they have some great stuff

Candie Cane said...

I f'n love ur hair... please tell me how u keep ur curls contained all day

Morgan A. said...

OMG you are beautiful! Love your hair!

Mika said...

Y on earth am i so late commenting lol.. Thank you ladies =)

@Candice This is a twist out probably a few days old in these pics, and because of the hair butter i use and doing my hair while damp i guess it just kinda keeps the curls lol