Sunday, October 17, 2010

Yes, Yes.. I know

Well, clearly I have been a bit neglectfull lol..
Only because Ive been sooo busy.. Ive been DESIGNING!!
And I just finished two fashion shows this past weekend.
One being the Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Expo at the Washington Convention Center..
Nigel Barker was one of the hosts =) and Korto Momulo from Project Runway
showed some of her new collection.. dont worry pictures will be shown lol
I had the opportunity to dress Jaslene Gonzalez (Winner or ANTM Cycle... cause I dont remember) lol
what a great day Saturday was.
Then there was the Fashion for Hope Show.. Met another pretty awesome
designer based out of NY.. her stuff is HOT!!
I had a great weekend doing what I love =)


lila said...

Hi,I ready a few of your post and really,really enjoy them.Your blog is very gorgeous....will definitively be back for more often.

Ster●n said...

I love your blog, so I'm following, :)

That sounds really good, I'd like to see the pictures about all your news!!

with love,

Mika said...

Thanks a bunch you guys =) I'll be back soon. Promise