Monday, May 17, 2010


I don't even know what to say here lol..
And I had THE HARDEST TIME trying to pick a few photo's to post
so you guys can see whatI'm talking about...
OMG, this jewelery is BEATIFUL
ok..Im dont talking, Just LOOK lol

see what did i tell u.. And you are going
to find even more when you visit the site..
In the words of Rachel Zoe.. "I DIE!"
That is all... take a look for yourselves


InnyVinny said...

PeaceImages is the bizzzzzzzzz. I love Camille.

Mika said...

Man I feel like I have stumbled upon greatness lol.. I want Everything!

Camille. said...

Oh heyyyyy ladies!! Much love for you both! Thank you so much for the writeup, Mika!!!

Mika said...

No problem Camille. I LOOOOOVE your work

Sharnae Nicole said...

Oh I lovees that ring!

had to comment.

BelovedOsaruchi said...

Her work is gorgeous