Saturday, January 31, 2009

I Got My Mojo Back

So... January 31st was a great day despite
the fact that I had to wake up at 6:30AM lol. It was for
a photo shoot, I was helping with, so that
makes up for it.
But my point is, I feel inspied and motivated again...
Its a great feeling man, and Im Loving it.
Here are some photos I took a Roy Cox Studio
check his websit.. SICK

This is the client we had to style, he's a chef
(his site looks to be down at this point in time, but there it is lol)

The salad he put together on set for
the first part of the shoot

Roy doing what he does

Kas the man himself at work lol
the chef in a KAS Suit

I styled his hair for this
part of the shoot (YAY ME lol)


ron.marcelo said...

yay! that so tight! =)

Mika said...

lol, thanks ron


keep doing ya thang mika!

Sandra G. said...

Roy Cox is THE man!
I love his work. I remember telling Ron about him a long time ago... Looks like you had fun mama, so I know it was well worth the early morning call. Nice hair-do too!

Mika said...

lol yes sadra it was, and it wasnt hard to get up either lol... this is my second shoot i've help with, with Kas and roy as the photographer. he comes up with brilliant concepts